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Supplies for organic growers everywhere! 
Find what you need here!

Organic Farming Supplies in the
United States, Canada and Worldwide:
Faust Bio-agricultural Services, Inc.-Humic and Fulvic products which are naturally processed and great for organic agriculture, sustainability and healthy crops! 
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Solar Oasis-Patented low energy grow lights.
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California Organic Fertilizers, Inc. 
Organic Fertilizer Manufacturer 
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Westbridge Agricultural Products-Manufacturer of Organic Agricultural Products. California, USA & Worldwide
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Cockadoodle DOO-Organic lawn, garden, weed control and fertilizers that are OMRI certified. They have a great map to find all of the USA retail outlets at their website. New Hampshire
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Circle One-Sells over 45 organic, non-toxic and natural high quality products for sustainable agriculture. USA and Worldwide
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Smart World Organics, LLC-Organic lawn and garden products. Florida
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Cascade Organics Inc.-Chelated organic micronutrients to help you grow great roses and garden plants! Washington
Sustainable Agricultural Technologies- brings you the "AQUEEL", a  new farm technology product for soil and water management.  

Vermont Compost Company-High quality soil mixes and composts for certified organic production. Vermont   North Pacific AG Products-bulk organic minerals and fertilizers. West Coast

Garden Nursery Products-Beneficial insects, natural pest control and more! Colorado Ohio Blenders, Inc. A specialty alfalfa fertilizer that is 100% organic. Ohio Fertile Garden-Compost, soil mixes, mulches and natural solutions for landscape and garden products. Texas Terra Viva Organics-Order gardening products for
North American growers Marshall Grain-Shipper of organic growing supplies and safe insect solutions. Texas
Growing Solutions Inc.-Natural products for landscapers, farmers, nurseries and golf courses. Oregon Peaceful Valley Farm Supply- Organic gardening & farming-has over 2000 items. California Worm World-Redworms, worm castings, composting units. Pennsylvania
T&J Enterprises-Safe, organic fertilizer products. Washington U-Mate International-Producers of humate- a natural fertilizer from the Navajo Nation in New Mexico

Organic Farming Supplies Overseas:
Westbridge Agricultural Products-Manufacturer of Organic Agricultural Products. Website is in different languages Worldwide
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Organic Formulations-Offering a range of organic fertilizers for home garden use and custom organic botanical blends globally. Australia

This company processes rare Sea Bird Guano of the purest quality. Tel: +27-21-854-3656

PO Box 128, Somersett Mall, South Africa 7137

Ocean Organics-100% organic seaweed products for the gardener, commercial sector and rural sector. New Zealand

Rym Exports High quality NEEM Tree products  for organic farming. India
ISO 9002 certified Neem Oil, Neem Cake, Neem Bio-insecticide and more. India
Sanvardhini Agro (P) Ltd.   A professionally managed company offering growing products for organic farmers. India
Samaria Corporation-A plant vitalizer called "ALM". Read about it at their site. Japan Konkin Organic Vermiculture Farm
A manufacturer of organic worm castings and red
Californian worms (Eisenia foetida). The biohumus is widely known as an organic fertilizer and soil improver presenting unique characteristics in farming and horticulture. Kiev, Ukraine

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