Some information omitted for privacy but mostly unedited including the spelling and grammar. 
Comments came from our feedback form or e-mails. This is a small sample of the many we have received over the years.

  1. "What a terrific web site.  Really personal which is nice for a change. Please consider checking out our web site. We have worked very hard now for some ten years getting this new technology to market in an effort to revolutionize the way our food is grown and grower profits can be increased. We are just now looking for folks we can partner with to help spread the word about the Aqueel. Warmest Regards,"  Stephen 

  2. "I am writing my Science Fair project on organially growth food.  Any information would be helpful" Barbara

  3. 'Am looking for Organic producers in Southern Indiana and Norther Kentucky." Barb

  4. "Do you have a source for organic foods in the state of Wisconsin?" Inez

  5. "I like your website. I am looking for ways my company can help out with our product and promote it also." Kalvin

  6. " would like to start an organic herb farm, but don't know where to begin.  Can you help?" Kris

  7. "Iam from Egypt and I would like to know  the organic farms in Egypt...Maha

  8. "I appreciate your thoughtfulness, re: the environment, as well as, your attention to healthcare.  I would need your assistance in locating others with as much conscience.  I would like to know of where I would acquire a listing of those like minded growers, with a focus on organic development." Nathaniel

  9. "I so enjoy your website and am becoming a more knowledgable organic participant.  Keep up the good work and inform more people of the availability of organic." Jean- horse farm owner

  10. I am curious as to how you become an organic grower or raiser of beef or fowl? James 

  11. "thanks for the booklet you posted on the web very nice well done and very helpful -----thanks!" Doug 

  12. "Your website is great!  I have a question:  Could you please tell me the geographical locations in the U.S. that have the highest number of organic gardeners? Thanks" Susan 

  13. "Hi.  I am currently writing a user group survey on home vegetable and flower gardeners for my MLS degree.  I am wondering if you know what percentage, or how many, home gardeners actively utilize organic gardening methods" Therese 

  14. "I am a chef moving to Virginia and am about to embark on a new restaurant that will feature and seasonal organic product from the area I am looking for farmers and contacts.  If there are any local farmers in the area and methods to contact them. Thank you," Mina 

  15. "your music is annnoying"  michael, richmond va.


  17. "dear brenda i am so happy that i found your site and i have thousands of things to ask and i think i should start with the most immediate one: we have a farm in adana on the mediterrenean region of turkey and around 250 trees of lemon which we keep organically but on the same garden we have vegetables for our consumption i am stuck with the question of what type of pesticide to use if there is any citrus rust mite this year again. can you help me thank you" burhan

  18. "excellant, I am a long time fan of organic growing "John"  Theodosia, Mo

  19. "I think it is an interesting site, but I am desperately looking for a way to combat bugs that are eating away my organic garden! Any suggestions? (I have ants, slugs, catepillars and some sort of bug that eats the whole seedling!)" "Wendy, Glendale, CA 

  20. "I'm verrry new to the computer age, I grow organically in florida. Not certified, toooo expensive and too much paper.... enjoyed what i found at your site, come vist and grow with us when your snows are too deep!" Debbie, Fort White, Fl 

  21. "Great site. Very enjyable. Can you direct me to receive information on getting started in organic growing? Thanks for your help. Margo, Holderness, NH 

  22. "I think it is greaat! I found it accidentally. Was trying to locate Texas Organic Growers Assoc. They produced a resource directory some years back and Iwas trying to locate them to see if an update (and other materials) is available? Links are good too! How about to major U. or USDA organic research or demo sites/projects across the country? thanks! Mike, San Antonio, TX   

  23. This is the first time I have visited your site as I am doing some research on starting organic gardening. I am looking for the standards for Washington state. I like your site and will probably use it in the future too. I want to be certified in organic growing and need to know how. Thanks. Carol"   Sedro-Woolley, WA.   

  24. "Love your web site. I accidentally bumped into it while trying to locate some organic berry farms in the Gloucester, MA area. Have not found one yet but I am glad to have found your site." "Irene, Gloucester, MA   

  25. ."Dear Organic Growers, First of all, congratulations for your wonderful page!! We, in our department, were enchanted with it! I am a lecturer at the Department of Environmental Sciences, College of Agricultural Sciences, So Paulo State University, Campus of Botucatu. Very often I receive farmers in my office interested in get information on export of organic products. Unfortunatelly, I can not help much. Actualy, it is very difficult to find information on markets for organic products. Would you have a list of traders of organic products (either raw or processed) in the USA, who we could contact to make business. Kind regards, Mario, PhD "   Botucatu/SP, Brazil

  26. "Thank you for creating this site! I have been looking for such a tool for a very long time, I hope your index grows quickly. Have you checked out for ideas or as a link? What about linking to pertinent legislation such as the federal and California Organic Food Acts? How about a ""library"" for a bibliography of magazines, articles, books, etc? You must be familiar with Debra Lynn Dadd, author of Home Safe Home and other titles. She mentions Walnut Acres and Diamond Organics as good sources among others on page 232. And lastly, could you consider including a section on farmers' markets and how to shop for organic produce locally? What questions to ask, what does certification mean in various states, and how to verify certification. Thanks! Michelle, San Bernardino, CA    

  27. "Hi! By far, yours is the most pleasurable site I have ever visited!!! Congratulations to your Webmaster(s)!!! By the way, I run a foster center and sanctuary  in No. California (SF Bay Area, Solano County). We are a national nonprofit rescue and education foundation in our 10th year. I would like to start selling our wonderful compost materials (bunny bundles + shredded paper + pine shavings) to help fund our spay/neuter costs for the foster bunnies. Ideas for me on where to advertise to reach organic farmers? Thank you for your web site and for being on the front edge of what I hope is a significant revolution in farming! - Sylvia," "my little farm is fallow while I live in the city and save $....."   

  28. "One of the most asthetically pleasing sites I've visited. Thanks a lot."  "judy "teacher"  Aztec, MN"

  29. "a great concept with a good way of sharing information I did notice that soem type is placed over some pictures that make it hard to read I like the wallpaper in the background, it is faded back just perfectly so as to not interfear with readability"  "JAMIE " MARKAM ONT. 

  30. "Dear Organic Grower Hi! I'm interested to know about organic farming in city centre. At this moment we doing some project for our city Kuala Lumpur. We think about intoduce organic farming as one of our future planning. Here we have a big problem on enviroment. Thank you for your co-operation. Sincerely Roza, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia"

  31. "Hello, Enjoyed your web site very much. Keep up the good work and hard fight. Your content is good and your graphics are good and clean as well. I'm fairly new to the organics end of farming but very exited about all the people and farmers getting behind what God intended in the first place. After saying that, chemicals are ruining our lands and lives. Thanks for standing up for the right way. Respectfully Kennan "Farmer" Okeene Ok. 

  32. "I think your new website is just what is needed in the organic movement in this country and around the world. the internet will make our organic products avalible to the people that want them. but if they can't find them we lose. "   "James"

  33. >"Four Stars!****" David  "San Jose CA"   "12/6/98"

Many  years of  some of the comments...hope you enjoyed reading them!